Gay Suit Sex On The Dark Side

Gay suit sex on the dark side

Who says that gay suit sex has to be vanilla, newcomer Max Duran certainly found out that it doesn't have to! Neil Stevens was feeling hot and horny and very turned on by the sight of Max in his suit, but his darker side was itching to come out and it looks like Max was going to get it.

Max looked hot in his suit as he relaxed in a chair; he looked hotter when Neil took his big leather belt and strapped him to the chair, now he wasn't so relaxed. Giving Max a little sniff of chloroform, Neil proceeds to use him for his own twisted satisfaction, ripping and cutting the clothes off Max, revealing his toned and tattooed body, until his hard, uncut, cock is exposed, vulnerable and aching to be jerked off for relief. You'll have to jerk off for relief as you watch these men in suits going way beyond vanilla, here. Max entered the dark side, and loved it!!

Gay Suit Sex For Office Blackmailer


When it's quiet in the office, these men in suits get bored - and horny. Parker was surfing the net and found some old pictures of Drew, his boss, on an amateur site, naked. Figuring his boss might not like it if the past catches up with him, Parker knew he had the upper hand!

Drew was hot in the pictures and Parker wanted some of the real thing; showing him the pictures soon got Drew to his knees with his hot mouth wrapped around Parker's hot and hard cock. Drew sucked expertly on Parker's cock making him shudder with ecstasy.

Now Parker wanted to work on Drew's cock, it looked big and meaty in the picture and Parker wasn't disappointed when they got their clothes off; Drew's cock was even better than it looked and he slurped up and down the big meat with his wet lips, before turning him around, bending him over and slipping his aching cock up Drew's inviting asshole!

Parker fucked with expertise until, lying on his back, Drew could hold back no longer and let fly an explosive cum over his stomach, quickly followed by Parkers hot sticky load. See how a boring day for men in suits becomes a hot cock sucking and ass fucking session, here. I was going to net surf for some pics of my boss but he's old, fat and wrinkly - maybe not!!!

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