Fetish Men In Suits

Men in suits who love their shoes

This week our men in suits are going to crank up the fetish dial with 'Patent Lust' starring the deliciously gorgeous Justin Harris. If you're a hardcore shoe or over-the-calf socks fetishist, this video is definitely made-to-measure - men in suits at their perverted best!!

On the outside, Justin looks like a normal young, preppy lad, with his handsome clean-shaven face, slicked back hair and piercing eyes. But when he gets kinky, this hot hunk is a real pervert. There's nothing more Justin enjoys doing at work than locking the office, dressing up in his best dinner suit and getting his rocks off over the feel and smell of his shiny patent leather shoes and his long sheer black socks. You can really tell the incredible pleasure Justin gets from rubbing his leather shoes all over his fat dick and beefy balls, getting more and more aroused until he blasts a big sticky load of jizz all over himself and his pristine tuxedo! Check out this kinky men in suits movie, here. What were his parents thinking - with a big cock like that, there's no way this guy should be called Justin!!

Men In Suits From Spain

Dani Demon on Men In Suits

We like to bring you men in suits from all around the world and today we're off to sunny Spain for this handsome Spanish man. His amazing hypnotic eyes captivated all of us and we're sure you'll have the same reaction when you look deep into this gorgeous guy's soul. However, if you're the type of person who concentrates on what a guy is packing down below, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Dani Demon has a body which is a testament to all the hard work he's put in at the gym. His buffed and pumped chest stands proud atop a stomach to die for; I don't know about you but there's something about a guy with a washboard stomach which is so damn horny, and this guys 2-up on the norm - he's sporting an eight-pack! And, just down from that, is the star of the show - check out this Spaniard's chorizo. If you could resist this guy's piercing eyes, you just can't hold back from Dani's thick, juicy meat - just imagine that piercing you as hard and deep as his eyes!! And, even though this guy is all man, it doesn't mean that he just tops, Dani loves to play with his juicy ass, as you can see from the hot butt plug shot in the pics above. This is a guy who looks like he was born to wear a suit and Dani gives a really horny show for all you men in suits lovers: check him out! Spanish men are so horny and Dani is one of the hottest to date!

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