A Dream of Men In White Suits

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The next chapter in our Men in Suits series takes us deep into the imagination of new guy Sergio, as he drifts far away from his tedious office routine and into the hands of his current gay suit sex fantasy, Marco Blaze, whom he slowly unwraps from his clothes to devour inch by inch. With both men in white suits they may look like angels, but the devil is in their trousers, and the only halos are the foreskins around their glistening knobs and their cute buttholes!

Wasting no time, Sergio starts on Marco's thick uncut cock, then moving onto his tight, smooth ass, no part of Marco is wasted in this fantasy. But with Marco at his command, Sergio has no intention of stopping yet, and gives Marco a hard ass fucking over the office desk until they both shoot their loads uncontrollably. If you want the fantasy of two white suited angels, with big hard uncut cocks and lickable shaved balls, the dream starts here. But, do it quietly, please don't wake me!!

Men In Suits Get A Delivery


Jay Lopez is making a lunch delivery, but the secretary has stepped out. He pokes his head in Rusty’s office to drum up some business. Seeing Rusty in his suit, Jay's thoughts immediately turn to gay suit sex and producing a long full sub makes horny suggestions as to what Rusty would like to eat. But it's not the meat in the sub that Rusty is interested in.

Rusty plays with the sub provocatively before reaching out and grabbing Jay's crotch. Jay responds by pulling Rusty's suit pants zipper down and gets hold of his hard dick which is sticking upright invitingly. Jay gets his mouth straight on to it and sucks it with relish. In return, Rusty unzips Jay and unleashes his massive fat uncut dick, which stretches Rusty's mouth to the full. Undeterred, Rusty manfully sucks Jay's enormous piece of meat. But it's Jay's cute, hairy, ass that gets the delivery as Rusty rams his hard dick deep into Jay. If you're feeling hungry, get more of this gay suit sex, with Jay's fat, uncut cock and Rusty ramming his hairy asshole deep and hard, here. Phew, looking at these 2 men in suits, I wouldn't mind being the meat in that sandwich!

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