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Hairy men in suits I find incredibly erotic. I love the way all of the hair is covered by the suit. Nothing is revealed until the buttons get undone and the fabric of the suit is pulled aside. Only then the hairy surprise is revealed. This stunning hairy latin hunk in a suit is Orlando Toro. Those green eyes, the hairy chest, the rippling muscles and sexy tattoos - delicious!

In his hot suit sex movie 'Unmasked? he stars with Dan Vega. When Dan is convinced to attend a masquerade party, the last thing on his mind is meeting someone. So when a dark, bearded stranger (Orlando) approaches him, takes him by the hand and leads him to one of the rooms upstairs, he is literally lost for words. Unable to object, he lets himself be seduced by this handsome stranger, let's face it - who wouldn't?? Orlando hungrily eats out Dan's ass and fucks him without so much as a single word. And so Dan returns to the party with a big smile on his face, but none the wiser of who his anonymous lover was - but we know, don't we?! Click the link to see more of these hairy gay men in suits. Don't bother dressing up for the party - just cum as you are!!

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Dallas Reeves has been responsible for watering the plants in sexy ginger stud Jackson Wild’s office for a long time. Big boss Jackson, who looks stunning in his pinstripe suit, hasn’t acknowledged him even once… until now. These studs both have beautiful, well-defined bodies and beautiful cocks and Jackson is particularly suited to suit sex (excuse the lame pun there)! This guy is just a ginger god in a suit as far as I am concerned.

If you think so too, you can see more of Jackson (oh yeah, and the very studly Dallas) in their suit sex movie here. Tell the secretary to hold your calls — you are gonna be busy with Mr Jackson!

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