Medical Check Up For Men In Suits

Men in suits medical check-up

Jessie loves his job as much as he loves men in suits. Being the nurse in his company's medical centre means that he gets to enjoy his work and see all those horny guys in and out of their suits.

When Valentin Petrov turned up for his annual check up, Jessie is hot with desire as the handsome hunk stripped out of his clothes before getting onto the examination bed. Jessie can't take his eyes off Valentin's big, fat, uncut cock - it was so perfect that he decided that it should be studied closely for the sake of medical knowledge. Jessie worked his latex-gloved hands over Valentin's stunning dick and big balls, checking for anything untoward before moving round to his hairy tight hole. A quick prostate examination had Valentin's cock throbbing hard and pointing to the ceiling - never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Jessie worked the pulsing man-meat with his hand and licked the pre-cum leaking from his piss slit before sucking the whole monster down his throat. With Valentin aching from the need in his rock-hard uncut cock, Jessie decided to give him a full oral examination with his own, equally throbbing big dick, moaning with pleasure as Valentin blow-job turned into a total deep-throating.

Now it was nurse Jessie's turn for a prostate check as Valentin rubbered up his dick; the fat uncut member being so large it was a struggle to get the condom to fit. Not as much a struggle as it was for Jessie to take it up his fuck-hole as Valentin rode his ass, plowing hard on the nurse's muscled butt. Valentin jack-hammered the horny, hairy, tattooed nurse and literally fucked the cum out of him, before pulling out and blasting his own creamy load all over the sticky mess covering Jessie's taut abs and right up to his buffed chest! Check out the hot action between these two handsome guys in this gay suit sex cock-sucking and ass-fucking scene, here. They say you should check your balls for lumps once every six months - show me a guy who doesn't check his out every few minutes!!

Fetish Men In Suits

Men in suits who love their shoes

This week our men in suits are going to crank up the fetish dial with 'Patent Lust' starring the deliciously gorgeous Justin Harris. If you're a hardcore shoe or over-the-calf socks fetishist, this video is definitely made-to-measure - men in suits at their perverted best!!

On the outside, Justin looks like a normal young, preppy lad, with his handsome clean-shaven face, slicked back hair and piercing eyes. But when he gets kinky, this hot hunk is a real pervert. There's nothing more Justin enjoys doing at work than locking the office, dressing up in his best dinner suit and getting his rocks off over the feel and smell of his shiny patent leather shoes and his long sheer black socks. You can really tell the incredible pleasure Justin gets from rubbing his leather shoes all over his fat dick and beefy balls, getting more and more aroused until he blasts a big sticky load of jizz all over himself and his pristine tuxedo! Check out this kinky men in suits movie, here. What were his parents thinking - with a big cock like that, there's no way this guy should be called Justin!!

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