Men In Suits Plumbing Service


Colby McNight is working late when he catches a glimpse of the hot plumber, Steve O'Donnell, working under the office sink. As Steve's shirt rides up exposing his taut abs, Colby can feel his dick getting hard inside his suit.

When asked to turn the water on, Colby notices the huge bulge in Steve's suit pants and couldn't resist having a grope. Within minutes, our 2 men in suits, are shucking off their clothes and exploring each other's body. With Colby being a really cute little fucker, Steve soon has him up on the desk and gets into a 69'er, pumping his hard cock into Colby's mouth at the same time as sucking Colby's throbbing cock. Steve then explores Colby's cute asshole with his mouth and fingers before shoving his fat dick in. Check out this amazing gay suit sex as the plumber fucks Colby's ass good, hard and long. One minute Steve’s servicing the plumbing, the next he’s getting his plumbing serviced. Good work if you can get it.

Promotion Rewarded With Gay Suit Sex

gay suit sex

Nickolas Lockwood just got a promotion, and he’s feeling pretty good about himself. Now, not only does he get to unload his work on Cort Donovan, but as the boss wears the trousers (and the rest of the suit ) he’s going to shoot his load in celebration.

Once establishing who's in charge, Nickolas's first order to Cort is 'suck my dick', as he unzips his suit pants and releases his monster cock. Nickolas, who can't believe his luck, licks and sucks the huge cock and equally big balls as good as he can. Nickolas's next task for Cort is to lie on the desk, shirt pushed up and legs in the air. Nickolas, still suited, slurps and sucks his dick, and roughly finger fucks him before dropping his suit pants and inserting his giant erection deep into Cort's very willing asshole and fucking him hard. Click the link to see more of this hot gay suit sex. Some bosses suck, but in a real good way.

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