Men in Suits Getting Into Trouble

Getting into trouble with the Men in Suits boss

David West is a cocky computer guy, who never seems to get things right. Park Wiley, the Men in Suits boss, has about had it with his performance when, yet again, his computer goes wrong. David arrives to fix the problem but makes problems for himself with his attitude. Park lays down the law and tells him that he's not irreplaceable. David admits that he really needs the job and Park, who is really into men in suit sex can see some gay suit sex coming up if David wants to keep his job.

Grabbing David's tie, Park pulls his head down to his suit pants where his stiff hard cock is sticking up ready for David's mouth to slurp down on it. But it takes more than that to keep a job so Park turns David around, bends him over a desk, pushes his shirt tail up and eats his ass and his hard uncut cock. But even that gay suit sex wasn't enough and David is soon squatting his cute asshole down on Park's rigid dick and getting fucked hard before being bend over a desk and fucked even harder. This is where to go if you want to see more of these men in suits getting into trouble. Is a sore hole worth keeping your job? David certainly thinks so!

Men in Suits Share More Than An Office


Marvin and Andreas found themselves sharing an office at work, but they both found it really difficult to concentrate on the job in hand. Two men in suits who both have fantasies about gay suit sex - well they just couldn't help checking each other out, but were unsure how far they could take it without crossing professional boundaries.

One day, after hours, they were messing around and the ice was broken when they started to play wrestle. Once on the floor our two men in suits started kissing passionately and slowly undoing each others shirts, licking and kissing each others defined chests. Rock hard cocks are soon released from suit pants, and are licked and sucked like never before. There is no stopping these two men as they go on to have a marathon fuck session all over the office, one fully suited and the other down to his long black socks. The suit licks and rims his co-worker before ramming his rock hard cock up his ass and fucks him without mercy. Check out the office action and see these two, seriously sexy, pierced, men in suits fucking and sucking furiously, here. I have a spare desk in my office... any offers?-!

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