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If you're into men in suits, this is going to be one of your favorites straight away! Take two totally stunning studs - just check the pics - dress them up in suits and the stage is set for some really hot and horny gay suit sex.

Hot stud Marco thinks that communication with handsome Italian, Alex, is going to be a bit of a struggle; or at least that's what he thinks, because after making a few very personal comments about his beefy ass and how he'd like to pound it, Alex informs him that he understands English perfectly, leaving Marco embarrassed and lost for words. But Alex quickly takes control of the situation and tells Marco to put his money where his mouth is... or rather, his dick where Alex's mouth is!

Marco needs no second invitation and, working his fat uncut dick up to a throbbing hard on, he thrusts his rampant cock into Alex's receptive mouth, squirming with the pleasure as Alex works his lips around Marco's foreskin and big knob head.

Getting Alex up onto his knees, he gets his mouth to Alex's big beefy ass and, spreading his muscular cheeks, plunges his hot tongue deep into Alex's moist fuck hole, getting it good and wet, and ready for his big uncut cock which was begging to plough deep into this hot Italian. Marco rams his cock into Alex's ass and fucks him deep and hard. How hard? As hard as you will be as you check out these two stunning gods fucking each other senseless in so hot gay suit sex, here. Yep, next time I'm going to pretend I don't understand English to begin with!

Men In Suits Command Respect

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Men in suits don't like it when their underlings misbehave. Spencer just got caught by his boss, Drew, passing an email around making fun of him. Drew calls him into the office to fire him immediately, but ultimately decides to teach him a lesson. This submissive underling is going to learn to respect his boss, and Drew is going to teach him respect... with his cock!

Drew walks around to Spencer and, unzipping his suit trousers, pulls out his big, meaty cock. Spencer knows he has no option but to get that cock in his mouth and he had to stretch his lips wide to accommodate it. Drew gave it to him good and deep, holding the back of his head as he rams the fat cock deep down Spencer's throat.

Spencer hoped that this would satisfy his angry boss, but Drew wasn't going to let him off that easily. Turning him around and pulling his suit pants down, Drew buried his face in Spencer's big muscled ass before getting his cock and burying it deep into his wet fuckhole!

Without mercy, Drew began fucking Spencer with avengeance, at one time getting him to straddle his cock and impale himself on it. Finally, Drew towered over him and worked his cock into an explosive cum, dumping his hot sticky load all over Spencer. Check out this lesson of respect as these men in suits suck and fuck to explosive orgasms. So, if your boss is hot and horny, get writing those emails!!

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