Three men in suits!

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When it comes to suit sex, there is one thing that's better than a hot man in a suit with a big fat uncut cock, like Francesco D'Macho above. What could that possibly be? THREE hot men in suits, that's what!

After a long hard day at the office, Rick Bauer wanted nothing more than a quiet drink at his favorite bar – but the evening proves to be anything but quiet. Enter Francesco, who is really in the mood to have some fun and is soon ordering plenty of drinks from sexy barman Matias, to get Rick into a relaxed mood. But after one too many, Francesco is not only force-feeding Rick vodka, but also his throbbing member too. Matias soon serves up some pleasure of his own as the three studs indulge in non-stop fucking that takes them long past last orders.

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Rick takes all the cock Matias can offer, deep in his throat while Francesco rubs his hard uncut cock on Rick's ass. Rick carries on enjoying Matias's cock as Francesco fucks him hard and fast from behind. Rick looks so hot getting fucked in his jacket, shirt, socks and shoes. Then the action hots up as the tables are turned and sexy suited stud Francesco gets to put his sock clad feet over Rick's shoulders to take a hard drilling. The hot suit sex intensifies as Matius takes his turn on Fracesco's ass. See all of this gay suit sex trio here. One of the best suitsex sessions I've seen in a while!

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Men in Suits Have a Hard Day at the Office

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These sexy men in suits get it on together in this sizzling suit sex session! It might be Brad Benton’s first day on the job, but that doesn’t stop him from letting his assistant Braxton know that he’s the one in charge. He tells him how he likes his coffee… and his cock. Talk about fringe benefits! These sexy suited studs have a great day at the office - sucking, rimming, fucking... You know, just the way it is in every office. I wish!

See more of these gay men in suits here. These two will certainly give you a 'hard day at the office, honey'!

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