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Dallas Reeves has been responsible for watering the plants in sexy ginger stud Jackson Wild’s office for a long time. Big boss Jackson, who looks stunning in his pinstripe suit, hasn’t acknowledged him even once… until now. These studs both have beautiful, well-defined bodies and beautiful cocks and Jackson is particularly suited to suit sex (excuse the lame pun there)! This guy is just a ginger god in a suit as far as I am concerned.

If you think so too, you can see more of Jackson (oh yeah, and the very studly Dallas) in their suit sex movie here. Tell the secretary to hold your calls — you are gonna be busy with Mr Jackson!

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Rush Hour Gay Suit Sex


There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to get ready when you’re late for work. But when Dr Richard came by to give Arthur a ride, that changed. With Dr Richard in his suit and Arthur in just a towel, work could wait. As Arthur goes to get dressed, Dr Richard pulls down the zip on his suit pants to release his hefty cock; curved and uncut. Arthur returns in his suit ready to go; and once he saw Dr Richard’s throbbing cock and heavy balls, man was he ready to go!

These 2 men in suits start passionately kissing, but it’s not long before the trousers fall to the floor. Dr Richard drops to his knees to suck Arthur’s big piece of meat before turning him round, bending him over the table, and rimming out his cute ass. A good fuck follows with the 2 men still suited, albeit with trousers around their ankles. Arthur, takes a good pounding over the table before he strips down to just his long black socks and squats down on suited Dr Richard’s cock. Go here to see men in suits in a ride of a different kind - that sure beats sitting in rush hour traffic!

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