The Ultimate Men In Suits Hunk?

Damn handsome men in suits

It's not often I get lost for words writing about men in suits - but, what more can I say about this stunningly handsome guy that doesn't already come across from his amazing pictures. Words alone are just not going to do this smoldering good-looking Hungarian-born hunk justice.

Fortunately, I don't have to rely on just words as we've got the most incredibly horny video of this gorgeous stud. Sean Lawrence will literally take your breath away - confident, masculine, sexy and drop-dead beautiful, and that's just for starters!! The real magic happens when his strips out of his suit to reveal his naturally muscled, hairy torso, hard bubble-butt and big (understatement?-!) fat uncut cock! Sean gives an awesome show, ending it working his hard uncut dick until he blasts gushes of creamy warm cum all over his hairy torso for you men in suits lovers. If you can take your hand off your dick for a second, click the link for the full gay suit sex show from this devastatingly handsome Hungarian hunk!

Men In Suits Hotel Fuck

Men in suits hotel hook-up

Men in suits are often high-powered executives, constantly traveling and leaving no time for relationships, let alone sex. It doesn't stop them thinking about gay suit sex and when Christopher, on his way to a meeting, sees perfectly manicured and impeccably dressed Topher in the hotel hallway, he really had the hots for this well dressed man.

Seeing Topher DiMaggio armoured up in his business suit takes sexy to a whole new level. As they pass, eye contact is made, and Christopher doesn't waste the opportunity to hand him his business card. The card couldn't be more to the point - Christopher's room number and a time!

with a whole day to dream about each other, no time is wasted when Topher knocks on Christopher's door. Within seconds these men in suits are grappling with each other, kissing and fumbling in each other's 2-pieces, grabbing hold of hard cocks and sucking each other's fat stonkers. Still too hot to get undressed, the two men in suits move to the bed and continue to work their hot lips on rock-hard boners. Finally, at least stripping down to just their shirts and ties, Christopher gives Topher just what he needs, Christopher's big fat cock up his ass, as Christopher rams Tophers butt in this horny gay suit sex meeting. Check out the hot and horny sex, hard cock sucking and ass fucking from these men in suits, here. Now that really is 5-star room service!

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