Bailey Morgan Returns To Men In Suits

Men in suits - Bailey Morgan

He was such a hit on Men In Suits and, after a long wait, finally he's back. Bailey Morgan hit all the right notes with you guys last time he got in front of the cameras - well, it was no surprise; his chiselled good looks married perfectly with the classy image he projected when he was all suited up - and, as for what's underneath that sexy two-piece, we know you're just waiting to see more!

The initial shots in this movie has him walking along in his suit - bringing out all the fantasies that we get when we see all those sexy city workers every day here in London. The big difference in this case is that instead of wondering what's hidden underneath the suit, here we get to see the sexy stud strip down in front of us, revealing a totally perfectly proportioned body and thick, veiny, uncut cock - and as for the sight of this stunningly handsome South African with his rock hard cock wearing nothing but knee-length sock, I'm in danger of ruining the keyboard with uncontrollable drool! You'll be drooling too (but probably not orally!!) as you see this hot stud in various stages of undress right down to watching him work his fat uncut cock to a blasting orgasm in some amazing gay suit sex. Check him out at the link, you won't be disappointed. Bailey Morgan is already a Men In Suits classic and is destined for so much more - he'll definitely be back again.

Edin Offers Up His Ass For Some Gay Suit Sex

Men in suits working overtime

Men in suits like to relax after a hard day's slog in the office, Adam Killian and Edin Sol head to the bar for a few drinks and a game of pool.

As the pool game gets under way, Adam can't help noticing Edin's suit trousers stretched tight across his big muscled ass as he bends over the table to take his shot. Having taken his go, Edin can't help noticing the swelling bulge in Adam's suit pants.

Realizing there's a much more satisfying ball game they can play, downing their drinks the two hot studs head back to the office and soon these men in suits are playing with each other's long hard cues and balls as Edin gives up his ass for some gay suit sex with Adam's huge tool. Rack up your balls and make your break at the link! In pool you're supposed to get all your balls in the pocket, in this game Adam emptied his balls in Edin's pocket!

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